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Netsanet Ashenafi

What a terrifc observation!


It is great to know that there are people out there who have a clear conscience and articulate them to keep hope alive.

Legesse Gebre (Meles Zenawi)

I hate to break the bad news hear but what intelligentia is the writer talking about? The so-called "intelligentia" in Ethiopia have become the climber of the ladder prepared by TPLF al et. It is sad to see people like Addis Ababa University's President, Professor Andreas Eshete have become the blind follower of this criminal regime. I wonder which intelligentia the authour of this article is talking about, almost all of them have kept quite if not take part in violating the society they ought to serve thru knowledge and increase awareness. I hate to say this but it must be said, the Ethiopian spirit has somehow dissipated into the thin air. There is no more collectine thinking to better the country. All are only dedicated to theirselves and their families self interest.

How pathetic it sounds but it really is true. An Ethiopian today has become so animal like that he/she is only interested in gaining something at the expense of others, and that practice has become the norm. During the previous Derge regime people used to sympathise to each other and lend a hand whan there is a need, today that compassion does not exist, everyone is looking for a gain at the expense of others. Personally, I don't know where that self-fish culture has reigned over us all. May God save us all from TPLF sword so we can see a whole bunch of tommorows, better ones.

I thank God for this!

Kinijit's Los Angeles

Thank you for being the voice of democracy


The Ethiopian people, 25 million or so strong, have spoken loudly and clearly, on May 15, 2005. It is for no joke that this many people came out that one day to speak, to express their displeasure with the Woyane regime. Whateve Meles & Co. try, confusion or invasion, Ethiopians remain unflapped by the tricks of these con men. Yes, the key to legitimacy for Woyane lies not in Mogadishu, but at Kaliti. Maybe the euphoria may carry Woyane for a little longer, and a few confused souls may be swayed somewhat by the Mogadishu venture. But the fact remains that Ethiopians are in no mood to extend any thanks to or appreciation of the actions of Woyane, when their true leaders, their symbolic fathers, brothers, sisters, and children, when their leaders who responded to their heartbeats and refused to join a fake parliament, are languishing in jail by the actions of a tyrant. As Andargachew Tsige, gave us the most memorable phrase, Woyane is a "liberator" that does not know what liberation means: Netsanetin Yemyawik Netsa Awchi. Meles has to cleanse himself from the extremism, arrogance, vanity, dishonesty, and proclivity to commit heinous crimes that he suffers, in order to liberate himslef, before he can claim to be a liberator.


that is really conforting analysis.But my point is that shaik thing,is it necessery that identify him with his relegion ? because the person is a buiseness man mostly.I sure that kinijit will be our source of freedom soon. but this shaik has to stay where he is never show a relegios interest.sure we want him like that with all these his streched hands.

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